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Recycled Materials

Magnolia & Twig strives to minimize its environmental impact by using bio-degradable or recyclable materials, composting plant materials and other eco-friendly practices. If you wish to make your event as green as possible, we can ensure that the selected flowers come from local, fair trade, sustainable and/or organic growers. While your flower options may be limited, your design potential never is. Among your options:

  • Use such diverse d├ęcor elements as bamboo, live flowers, plants and recycled glass.
  • Make your bouquets from herbs and edible flowers.
  • Send your guests home with mini succulents as eco-conscious party favors.

And no matter what flowers you choose, consider sharing the beauty of nature with your community by donating the center pieces to local organizations following the event.

To learn more about floral sustainability, please visit:


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